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This is an all new 2015 collection.  Started at the end of the summer

I've been making art  coast to coast working with some of the greatest artists in the business. Take a look at  what we made.

God has been so good to me! He chose me to be an artist and so I take every oppurtunity to 

I have been experimenting with video lately. Check out some of my speed painting videos & airbrush tutorials.





You only get one life- what will yours say

LIVE PAINTING @ MONIKER GUITARS Come out and experience the symmetry of music and paint.


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I have been a professional Artist for more than fourteen years.  I make it a point to give Honor to the Lord Jesus Christ in all of my endeavors, beause without his grace I have nothing.  READ MORE

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Art Party USA! Are your ready for the largest LIVE paint show to ever hit Austin?

Mega Solo : My first solo art show containing masterworks from my little 14 year journey.  Austin Tx